About Us

“Mobile abattoirs” is a privately-owned company established in January 2015 after the need for a safer way to harvest game meat for the local market was identified.

The company is now trading as “Mobile Slaughter Technologies” due to the versatility and diversification to cattle, sheep and goat abattoirs as well as the development of pig and poultry containerized abattoirs.

The Meat legislation required that animals must be brought alive to an abattoir to be stunned for humane reasons and to ensure good bleeding out of the carcass. This is required to ensure a proper shelf life for the meat and to reduce the possibility of bacterial growth due to the presence of high levels of blood in the muscle.

This fact, however, was proven to be not that critical when export harvesting of game was done by shooting and partial slaughtering of carcasses on rudimentary frames in the veld.

The need for a more efficient and cost-effective system for the local market was always lacking.

A further development was the suitability of the mobile abattoir to slaughter cattle in Foot-and- mouth infected and protected zones. The unit lends itself perfectly to slaughter at the cattle holding areas, leaving infective material behind and after maturation are then able to transport the meat to open (non-infected areas).

Die mobile unit proved to be a solution through commodity-based trading as a means of accessing meat markets in countries with endemic Foot-and-Mouth Disease and the close interaction between domestic livestock and game.

Dr. Tertius Bergh, a seasoned veterinarian working in the field of meat safety for many years with a wide expertise in meat regulations, training of inspectors and abattoir approvals had a vision of closing the gap that existed in the game industry by rather bringing the abattoir to the animals if game animals could not be brought to the abattoir.

The mobile abattoir for game harvesting and rural slaughtering was patented under South African Intellectual Property law.